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Think of the last ETL review you read online. Did you trust it? What if the vendor paid for it? Or the review website had a conflict of interest? Fake ETL reviews happen all the time. You can't believe everything you read.

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Why We are No.1 for ETL Reviews
  • We go more in-depth than other ETL review websites.
  • We consider the deciding factors that matter most to our readers — price, features, ease of use, etc.
  • We break down our reviews into easy-to-read articles with features tables, bullet points, and sub-sections.
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Meet Our ETL Experts

Our experts know ETL like the back of their hands. They live and breathe ETL, with years of experience in data management, transformation, and software procurement.

Independent Testing

We use a five-step process to test and review all the ETL programs we feature on our site. There's no outside influence, and we remain independent from all vendors.

Useful Reviews

We review the ETL features you care about the most, whether that's cost, customizations, or something else entirely. Plus, we always consider what other users think before we post our final verdict.

How It Works

Discover your next ETL software solution right here on Compare prices, features, pros, cons, capabilities, and more in one place and make smarter decisions for your team. Add the right ETL tool to your tech stack with advice and insights from our expert team.

What Makes a Good ETL Tool?

Here are some just of the factors we consider when testing and reviewing ETL tools:

  • Ease of use/user interface
  • Speed
  • Price
  • Skill/coding requirements
  • Data transformations
  • Data source connectors
  • Security (SOC2, SOC 3, etc.)
  • Compliance (HIPAA, GDPR, CCA, etc.)
  • Developer tools
  • Free trials
  • Customer service
  • Training
  • What current users think
  • What previous users think
  • What vendors say about their products — and if they're telling the truth
What ETL Tools Do We Review?

We review all kinds of ETL platforms, including big names and companies you haven't heard about (yet). Here are some of the ETL tools we've recently tested and reviewed:


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